Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Perks of being a ninja.

Being a ninja isn't all just about defeating bad guys with a single slap to the face followed by a disposal by being sent on a disposable rocket into space. It also includes testing the latest ninja hardware. Specifically, we currently are testing the 35th generation iPod Touch. We are testing its ninja gear and stealth capabilities. It has a 3d tangable holographic screen, Lava FlameThrower, tazer, Infrared nightvision X-Ray thermal 50megapixel camera with flash capability. It also comes with a bomb inside so incase it gets captured by the bad guys, it'll blow up! The best part is that it fits in your pocket. The only issue we found is with the tazer. Since the tazer button is on the outside and we put the device in our pocket, we end up tazing ourselves... quite often... Other than that its great...I cant wait to see how people are going to use it when it comes out in 43 years.


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